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SCHEDULE - 2017 East Coast Open

Please see the attached 2017 East Coast Open Schedule, Format and Roster.
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.
thank you,
Raleigh Craighead
Polo Manager
Cell 913-221-7516


2017 East Coast Open


Sunday, August 27th

3:00pm Audi vs GSA

Thursday, August 31st

TimeTBA Audi vs Postage Stamp Farm

Friday, September 1st

TimeTBA Hublot vs GSA

Sunday, September 3rd

3:00pm Hublot vs Postage Stamp Farm

Wednesday, September 6th

TimeTBA Semi Final

Time TBA Semi Final

Saturday, September 9th

TimeTBA Tommy B. Glynn Subsidiary Cup

Sunday, September 10th

3:00pm Final


2017 East Coast Open Format

The 2017 East Coast Open will be played with 2 brackets of 2 teams. Teams

play cross bracket so everyone gets 2 bracket games and all 4 are ranked

together on record. In the case of tied records, who beat who will be used to

break a 2-way tie when two teams and only the two teams have played each

other, and USPA one man penalty shootout tiebreaker will be used to break

any ties on record between two teams who have not played each other OR

are in a 3-way tie or more, regardless of whether 2 of the teams in the three

way tie have played each other.

Semifinal pairings

1) #1 ranked team plays #4 ranked team

2) #2 ranked team plays #3 ranked team

Semifinal games are scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th.

Each team to lose their semifinal game will advance to the Tommy B. Glenn

Subsidiary Cup, scheduled for Saturday, September 9th.

Each team to win their semifinal game will advance to the East Coast Open

Final scheduled for Sunday, September 10th.

In the case of bad weather semifinal matches may be moved to Thursday,

September 7th or Friday, September 8th. If Semifinal matches have not been

played by September 8th the top 2 ranked teams from bracket play will

advance to the East Coast Open Final and the bottom 2 teams will advance

to the Tommy B. Glenn Subsidiary Cup.

All games will be played under International Rules with a tournament

condition to the Penalty 2. Penalty 2’s taken from the 30 yard line will not

be defended.


Each team is required to provide 2 umpire horses suitable to 20-goal polo.

If an umpire deems a horse unfit for the job he may refuse the horse in

which case a suitable horse must be provided immediately.

The USPA Polo Network will be present to live stream all matches. Instant

replay will be set up for the umpires to use the triggers, but teams will not be

able to challenge.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please address them to the

Host Tournament Committee.


Peter Orthwein

Tony Coppola

Bob Puetz

Stewart Armstrong


2017 East Coast Open


Hublot 18

Bash Kazi A

Marcos Garcia Del Rio 5

Tomas Garcia Del Rio 8

Tommy Biddle 5

Postage Stamp Farm 20

Annabelle Gundlach A

Kris Kampsen 6

Miguel Astrada 9

Brandon Phillips 5

GSA 17

Henry Porter 1

Santino Magrini 3

Toro Ruiz 5

Matias Magrini 8

Audi 20

Chris Brant A

Nick Manifold 4

Mariano Aguerre 9

Mariano Gonzalez 7