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Sanderson Design A Concoctor's Guide to Heavenly Homes

 Guest Furnishings Editor Evelyn Brown chose to Feature Sanderson at Sanderson Design with their understated GO SHOP THE LOOK




SANDERSON archive-hallways-wallpaper

The great and the good have always rocked a heavenly hallway. Think A-list names at Gatsby’s soirees, or who can forget the barmy corridors of power in The Favourite? Even the spooky corridor scenes of The Shining have a certain je ne sais quoi

Who Can Forget
Even the Spooky Corridors of
The Shining have a Certain
je ne sais quoi…


As the first and last space your guests will see, go BIG in your hallway. Make it unforgettable. As styling whiz, Liberty, is always saying; “Hallways are uniquely important as connecting spaces in the home. Make sure it says- or shouts- YOU by creating impact”.  Sanderson will show you how.


The inherited wisdom goes something like this; hallways are where you leave the outside world behind for a breath of calm. We half agree. Here’s something interior design’s gatekeepers don’t want you to know: you can leave the outside world behind AND feel free to BE YOURSELF, as LOUDLY as you like.

@casaoldcorn has absolutely smashed it with Hyacinth wallpaper in Cosmo Pink. Flower power and colour magic. After a long day, wouldn’t you want bountiful colour to greet you?

If pink ain’t your thing, @around_robyn ’s Hyacinth wallpaper strikes a pose in Enchanted Green. Moodier, and with a different class of drama.


You should know, that if there’s room for print, with https://archive.sandersondesigngroup.com/vip-services/ then in print goes.

@thesmithinterior definitely gets it. That’s the Golden Lily wallpaper sizzling on the walls in a glorious Pink Fizz colourway. A triumph from Morris & Co. designer J.H. Dearle in 1899, they’ve taken Golden Lily and ratcheted up the volume. As a backdrop, or star of the show, Golden Lily is heritage X 10.

If it’s more of a mythical vibe you’re after, Elixir Of Life is calling your name. Punk personified, this ‘50s design has everyone’s fairy tale dream, the unicorn, prancing majestically. In Nightfall or Sherbet, you can bring the dark or light to your space. Make your impression.


Need a little help creating hallways of fame? Sanderson VIP services are at your disposal, with expert fitters and design whizzes to help you get concocting. GO - SHOP THE LOOK !